Merge Request discussion resolution

Introduced in GitLab 8.11.

Discussion resolution helps keep track of progress during code review. Resolving comments prevents you from forgetting to address feedback and lets you hide discussions that are no longer relevant.

"A discussion between two people on a piece of code"

Comments and discussions can be resolved by anyone with at least Developer access to the project, as well as by the author of the merge request.

Marking a comment or discussion as resolved

You can mark a discussion as resolved by clicking the "Resolve discussion" button at the bottom of the discussion.

"Resolve discussion" button

Alternatively, you can mark each comment as resolved individually.

"Resolve comment" button

Jumping between unresolved discussions

When a merge request has a large number of comments it can be difficult to track what remains unresolved. You can jump between unresolved discussions with the Jump button next to the Reply field on a discussion.

You can also jump to the first unresolved discussion from the button next to the resolved discussions tracker.

"3/4 discussions resolved"