Two-Factor Authentication

Recovery options

If you lose your code generation device (such as your mobile phone) and you need to disable two-factor authentication on your account, you have several options.

Use a saved recovery code

When you enabled two-factor authentication for your account, a series of recovery codes were generated. If you saved those codes somewhere safe, you may use one to sign in.

First, enter your username/email and password on the GitLab sign in page. When prompted for a two-factor code, enter one of the recovery codes you saved previously.

Note: Once a particular recovery code has been used, it cannot be used again. You may still use the other saved recovery codes at a later time.

Generate new recovery codes using SSH

It's not uncommon for users to forget to save the recovery codes when enabling two-factor authentication. If you have an SSH key added to your GitLab account, you can generate a new set of recovery codes using SSH.

Run ssh [email protected] 2fa_recovery_codes. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to generate new codes. If you choose to continue, any previously saved codes will be invalidated.

$ ssh [email protected] 2fa_recovery_codes
Are you sure you want to generate new two-factor recovery codes?
Any existing recovery codes you saved will be invalidated. (yes/no)

Your two-factor authentication recovery codes are:


During sign in, use one of the codes above when prompted for
your two-factor code. Then, visit your Profile Settings and add
a new device so you do not lose access to your account again.

Next, go to the GitLab sign in page and enter your username/email and password. When prompted for a two-factor code, enter one of the recovery codes obtained from the command line output.

Note: After signing in, you should immediately visit your Profile Settings -> Account to set up two-factor authentication with a new device.

Ask a GitLab administrator to disable two-factor on your account

If the above two methods are not possible, you may ask a GitLab global administrator to disable two-factor authentication for your account. Please be aware that this will temporarily leave your account in a less secure state. You should sign in and re-enable two-factor authentication as soon as possible after the administrator disables it.